SIXX: A.M. Frontman JAMES MICHAEL Steps Out On His Own With 'Learn To Hate You'

November 17, 2012

Critically acclaimed producer, songwriter and artist James Michael of SIXX: A.M. steps up for the fans with his new solo release, "Learn To Hate You". A one-minute preview is available in the YouTube clip below.

"My story isn't typical," Michael told Noisecreep during a May 2011 interview. "I played in a band called the RIVERDOGS in the early '90s and did some touring with them in Europe. I then signed a record deal for my first solo album in the late '90s. I ended up putting out a solo album called 'Inhale' in 2000, but I quickly realized that I was more cut out to be in the studio, writing with and for other artists."

He added, "You see, I originally had this fantasy that I would put out a solo album that would sell millions of copies, and then become this huge rock star. But while I was waiting for my record to come out, I started working with people like Sammy Hagar and MÖTLEY CRÜE. Once my solo album did come out, it didn't perform well commercially. But something interesting happened instead. Even though my solo record didn't sell, all of these other records that I had written for started doing really well, and the checks started rolling in." Michael has since worked as a record producer, songwriter and/or engineer/mixer with many other successful recording artists, including Kelly Clarkson, Alanis Morissette, Meat Loaf, SCORPIONS, Hilary Duff, THE RASMUS, PAPA ROACH, TRAPT and HALESTORM.

"It was a great time, since I realized that the songwriting side was where I should be focusing my efforts," he said. "I get to stay in one place and work with different other artists every single day, and they can go out on tour playing the same 10 songs while I get to do new stuff. I then spent the next seven or eight years building on my career as a producer and songwriter."

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