SKID ROW Bassist Says They've Never Considered A Reunion With SEBASTIAN BACH

October 9, 2003

SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan recently told Daily Vidette that despite the stigma that surrounds many artists of their generation, his band have chosen not to grow stale or take advantage of the sense of nostalgia that surrounds their music.

"We know we have a nostalgia to the band," Bolan said. "But we just had a new record come out in August, and we're still looking toward the future.

"A lot of bands that were out at that time are kind of working the nostalgia angle, but we're still moving ahead."

SKID ROW's new frontman Johnny Solinger stepped up to the challenge of leading the band when they kicked out Sebastian Bach in the late '90s — a move which Bolan says was wise.

"We gave him the boot," Bolan said, because working with Bach had become much too difficult.

"When you have one person whose ego gets so huge, it becomes more important than the band itself, it isn't fun," he said.

According to Bolan, unlike many bands of their generation, there will never be a reunion tour with the former singer.

"We've never considered it, especially when you consider how far we've come with Johnny. [A reunion] would just be a huge step backward."

Bolan said the band's loyal fans have been accepting of Solinger.

"When we first went out, we didn't know what was going to happen. But 99.9 percent of the time people accept him with open arms as a permanent part of SKID ROW, and that's all we can ask for.

"There are hold-outs who refuse to see the band. But my whole feeling on that is - if you listen to the record or come see [us play] and you honestly think we suck, I can live with that," Bolan added.

"But if you're just that ignorant [that] you're not even going to give it a chance, then maybe we don't need you as a fan," he said.

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