SKID ROW No Closer To Having Secured Release Date, Label For New CD

May 25, 2002

Despite having spent much of the last year tracking material for their first studio album with new singer Johnny Solinger, SKID ROW appear no closer to having secured a release date or even a label through which to issue the forthcoming CD than they were at the start of the recording process. "We've recorded about 16 songs, and I think we're pretty secure in seven or eight of them," guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo told Hard Radio. "We want to write a couple more things and remix some stuff and I think we'll be pretty cool to get going. What label it's going to come out on, I'm not quite sure. Technically we're still signed to Atlantic Records, but I don't know how much backing we would get from them to be quite honest. It's a new regime over there, new people. Everybody we knew is since gone. I don't know how into it they would be. You have people there who would go 'Yeah, maybe, blah blah blah' and you just get the run around and that's the thing we don't want. We don't want someone to go 'Maybe.' We want someone to go, 'I love this!' And whatever it takes to do that, it doesn't matter to us. We know there are people out there who want to hear what we're doing. It's evident by the shows. And we have the utmost confidence in what we're doing. We always have. And we were always best when were behind the ball."

Tentatively titled Thick Is The Skin, SKID ROW's forthcoming CD will include the following cuts, among others:

01. Born A Beggar
02. Ghost
03. Swallow Me
04. Thick Is The Skin

SKID ROW are currently preparing to embark on the Rock Never Stops tour, also featuring TESLA, VINCE NEIL, and JACKYL, which is scheduled to kick off on June 7th in Oklahoma City.

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