SKID ROW's SCOTTI HILL: New Album Should Be Out In October

July 26, 2002

SKID ROW are planning on issuing their long-awaited new CD, tentatively entitled Thick Is The Skin, in October through an as-yet-undetermined label, according to the latest update from guitarist Scotti Hill.

"We'll be back in the studio on the Rock Never Stops tour break in September," stated Hill. "It shouldn't take more then a week to record one more song, tie up loose ends, finish mixing and master. And if all goes as planed, it should be in your CD player sometime in October. We're so close—we just had to find time in the tour schedule to get back to Jersey to finish it."

Among the cuts recently tracked by the group at Shorefire studio in Long Branch, New Jersey is a new version of the band's smash hit "I Remember You", featuring new singer Johnny Solinger. It is not yet clear, however, if the song will appear on the forthcoming CD or it will be saved for use as a future B-side.

"'I Remember You 2002' is now on tape and kicks some major butt," the guitarist enthused. "I'm really happy with the way it turned out. We also spent some time working on some guitars that needed to be fattened up. And fatten up we did. Now they sound like what I can only describe as, invasion of the robotic insects. It was a great session and everyone had a good time.

"Speaking of 'I Remember You 2002'…," Hill continued. "The best thing about having your own band is that you can do what ever pleases you. So if you decide you want to cover one of your own songs in you're live show you just do it. And if a few people don't like that idea, they can just start their own band. Isn't that cool? In other words, we like it, we do it. Besides, it sounds fuckin' cool!"

As previously reported, these are some of the working song titles tentatively scheduled to appear on the forthcoming CD:

01. Thick Is The Skin
02. Ghost
03. Born A Beggar
04. Glam
05. Swallow Me
06. Mouth Of Voodoo
07. Down

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