SKINDRED's Trailer Broken Into, Equipment Stolen

October 30, 2005

SKINDRED bassist Daniel Pugsley has sent the following message to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"The morning after an awesome show in San Antonio with H.I.M. and FINCH at the White Rabbit, we discovered our trailer had been broken into. Both my basses and Mikey's [Dee] guitars were taken as well as one of Arya's Iron Cobra kick pedals. We were totally bummed out, but we managed to get replacements (just) in time to play in Houston the next day. So basically it would be great if you guys could keep an eye out for them for us, especially all you guys in Texas, or if you know anything about this please let us know.

"The first bass that was taken from me was the Musicman Stingray with the Jamaican flag scratch plate that I used in the 'Nobody' video. It's totally standard apart from it's got a Seymour Duncan pickup in it. The second was also a Stingray, but it was strung through body and it had a black headstock with faded gold writing on; it was kinda a one-off. This one also had a Seymour Duncan in it. Mikey lost two left-handed Musicman Axis guitars, one black and one red. Also, if you have any pictures of them, please send them in so we can post them on the website. We'd really like to get them back, for sentimental reasons as much as value, so really, any info you could give us would be great. You can contact us both through the web site or our Myspace page."

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