SKINLAB: 'Expect Nothing Less Than A Sick-Ass Record'

November 28, 2003

SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel has posted the following message on the band's web site:

"Yo yo, what up everyone, we're back and coming to you proud and clear!! The SLAYER tour has been an experience that we'll never forget. We had such a killer time hanging with all the bands/crews and of course all our Jager peeps (freaks)!!! We got to play in front of thousands of die-hard SLAYER fans, not to mention our very own showing up early enough to catch our brief 20-minute set. To our surprise, we didn't get 'SLAYER-ed' (a term used when the crowd starts telling you to get the fuck off the stage, and starts chanting the almighty SLAYER...... SLAYER!!!!) Not even once!!! We're defiantly proud to say that, and can all agree that it was the biggest highlight of our careers!! Getting to see them ever night with the original line up was sick! They are the kings of metal STRAIGHT UP!!!! The set list was brutal, lights we're awesome, crowd was insane. The way a metal concert should be!

"As soon as we we're done it was all about grabbing a few shots of Jager/beers.... OK, lots of 'em. By the time ARCH ENEMY was on, we'd already be in the crowd chillin with all the metal heads. ARCH ENEMY kicked ass, Angela was brutal as fuck and the rest of the guys we're amazing and hell of cool. From what we we're talking maybe we'll be getting together in the future for a tour together. (if you don't have the new ARCH ENEMY.......get it!) Much respect to HATEBREED and crew, those boys know how to throw down, they're heavy as fuck, they got the crowd worked into a mass whirlwind with circle pits going 3 at a time at some was sick!! We'd stand on the side stage just trippin'. It was amazing watching them every night. They have come a long way, and it showed proof that if you stick to you guns, you will prevail. All in all it was a killer ass run of dates, everyone on the tour was cool as fuck, we got to live out our childhood dreams, what else can I say..........other than that, if all goes good we'll be out for some more shows on the next JagerMusic tour!!

"Keep an eye open for 'The Nerve Damage Sessions' due early 2004. Then a full-length that should be out before then end of 2004. Expect nothing less than a sick-ass SKINLAB record. We're not going back to our roots or taking the best qualities of our last few records, we're pissed and it's gonna show through our music. We've been paying our dues for the last 10 years, watching bands/scenes come and go. Fuck the drama — we're moving forward and gonna write a brutal yet dynamic album that we'll be able to look back at in another 10 years and be proud of. . It's obvious that what we do isn't any sort of 'one-hit wonder' or a 'flash in the pan', we haven't peaked yet and we're still hungry. Time to put on some shit kickers!! right on, metal freaks. Thanks for the support."

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