SKINLAB Hit The Studio To Record New Material

May 8, 2003

SKINLAB have posted the following update to their official web site,

"Hey what's up everyone, we want to give you a long awaited update straight from source!

"First off, things have been going good as far as everyone healing. [Guitarist] Snake has come full circle with his neck injury that required us to bail out on the Jagermeister/DOPE tour. Turns out, what we thought was the result of over stress through out his neck, turned out to be an infection that required him to undergo major 'nasal reconstructive surgery'. Well, he's all healed up and ready to fuckin' crush!!! We've been writing and recording the last few months, coming up with some of the most 'intense' music we've ever written.

"Right now, we're in Trident Studios w/ [producer] Juan Urteaga laying down a few tracks for 'The Nerve Damage Sessions' release We got two new songs, 'Beneath the Surface' & 'Nerve Damage', which are coming out to be the heaviest SKINLAB ever! Guitar tones fuckin' brutal, Paul's drums are fuckin' crushing. So far we're about 90% done with vocals, then it's all about the mix. Expect some heaviness! Also to break things down a bit, bust out your Bic 'lighters' because we've recorded an acoustic version of 'Purify', that's right!!

"We'll be shooting a video for 'Come Get It' next week in Oakland to be released on 'The Nerve Damage Sessions'. We're also proud to announce that the music for 'Beneath The Surface' will be featured on the upcoming Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel video game, due to be release through Interplay Entertainment Corp. summer 2003."

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