SLAYER Guitarist Discusses Clothing Line

January 5, 2004

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King has spoken to about his recently launched clothing line, KFK Industries. Asked what made him decide to do a clothing line and how it's doing so far, Kerry said, "It just [opened] up last week. We had a coming soon up there for fucking eternity. And I got side tracked being on the [Jagermeister] tour, but like three days after we were home we had it up and people could finally go there if they dig the shirts, pick them up. Besides, it was just an idea I had over the summer I had a bunch of t-shirt ideas I thought were really cool but didn't have anything to do with SLAYER. Than I am trying to keep them separate so like I don't blow any SLAYER ideas on my own stuff."

Regarding whether the clothing is only going to be available on the web site or if it will also be in any retail stores, Kerry said, "The retail part [you] can get it through the same people who do the SLAYER shirts. That ones trickling out slower then the online thing because the online thing you can just get them on the spot, to where you got to wait for retailers to figure out what's going on and get them in the stores."

For more information on KFK Industries, visit the official web site at this location.

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