SLAYER: Moscow Photos Available

November 30, 2008

Los Angeles thrash metal veterans SLAYER performed a headlining show at the B1 Maximum club in Moscow, Russia Saturday night (November 29). Check out photos of the concert:

The MetalList

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Flesh Storm
02. War Ensemble
03. Chemical Warfare
04. Ghosts Of War
05. Jihad
06. Psychopathy Red
07. Seasons In The Abyss
08. Ditto Head
09. Live Undead
10. Cult
11. Disciple
12. South Of Heaven
13. Angel Of Death
14. Piece By Piece
15. Necrophobic
16. Altar Of Sacrifice
17. Jesus Saves
18. Criminally Insane
19. Reborn
20. Epidemic
21. Postmortem
22. Raining Blood

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King was interviewed recently by "Whiplash", a weekly metal show on Belgian national radio Studio Brussel, hosted by AFTER ALL guitarist Dries Van Damme. Listen to the chat in streaming audio at this location.

As previously reported, the German edition of the Metal Hammer magazine has posted a video interview with Kerry King. During the chat, King revealed that he already has a title for the band's next record and as many as seven songtitles, although he has yet to write the music for any of them. He also stated that the album's previously announced summer 2009 projected release date might be a bit "optimistic" and he confirmed that plans exist for the group to return to the studio on February 1 to resume recording the effort. Additionally, he called Rick Rubin's a "phantom producer" who rarely shows up to the studio.

The members of SLAYER spent a couple of weeks in a Southern California recording studio last month tracking three new songs, including "Psychopathy Red". The Jeff Hanneman-penned song gives a chilling look into the twisted mind of Andrei Chikatilo, a notorious Russian serial killer.

Metal Hammer interview:

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