December 10, 2004

SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn Crahan (a.k.a. Clown) spoke to the Des Moines Register about the death of DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

Crahan attended a DAMAGEPLAN concert just last week, at Irving Plaza in New York. He called Abbott a friend and "rock 'n' roll icon."

"It's just upsetting how the world is — the need and the necessity to override the value of life," Crahan said. "From my whole (SLIPKNOT) family, I would like to tell . . . Vinnie and everyone else how sorry we are."

SLIPKNOT's lead singer, Corey Taylor, sang on DAMAGEPLAN's album released in February, "New Found Glory".

When asked if Abbott's death made him anymore fearful about stepping on stage in front of a sea of strange faces, as SLIPKNOT has done 150 times this year alone, Crahan struck a practical tone.

"This type of activity has always gone on and it's part of our business," he said. "You can go through decades of information and hear about these kinds of things. It sounds like there were people in place to try to prevent this. It almost doesn't matter. People get in. It's just so, so, so unfortunate."

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