SLIPKNOT's SID WILSON Interviewed In Montreal; Video Available

May 1, 2009 conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT DJ Sid Wilson prior to the band's April 29, 2009 concert in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Watch the 12-minute chat below.

SLIPKNOT's video for the song "Sulfur" was shot on March 9 in the Los Angeles area and was directed by band percussionist Shawn Crahan (a.k.a. Clown) and P.R. Brown (MÖTLEY CRÜE, MARILYN MANSON, CHIMAIRA, AVENGED SEVENFOLD),who helmed the last two SLIPKNOT clips, "Psychosocial" and "Dead Memories". The video depicts the nine members rocking out in groups of three and submerged in water one at a time. The video concept was modeled after a video installation by Bill Viola called "Ascension" that's currently on display at the Des Moines Arts Center.

Crahan told about the clip, "This is the third video I've done with Paul Brown and with each video we learn more about each other and the art of SLIPKNOT, and we build on that knowledge with each new project. It's great to jump around and try new people, but sometimes it's better to stay with a winning team.

"When I write a treatment, I always think, 'What has SLIPKNOT not done? What can we embark upon that will be fun and knowledge-enhancing instead of the same old song and dance?' Our business can be routine, so I need the band to be able to do something brand new so we can look back at it later and say, 'God, this was different and fun and really artistic.'"

According to an April 7 posting on Shawn "Clown" Crahan's Twitter account, he is currently editing a new DVD for the band's forthcoming ten-year package. "Wait until you see this stuff!" he says.

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