SLIPKNOT's THE CLOWN: Upcoming DVD Marks End Of An Era

November 14, 2002

SLIPKNOT percussionist/mastermind, Shawn Crahan (a.k.a. Clown),claims that the band's "Disasterpieces" DVD, due Nov. 26, is the last time fans will see this version of the band.

"I believe it's an end of an era," said Crahan. "It's not that it was the best, it's that that's what we were doing then — risers that tilt, goats. It was the 'Iowa' cycle. That cycle is over and there will be a third album that means a whole new thing. So it's an end of an era, a certain prestigious realm that we got ourselves into and now we're getting out of, and the DVD is the icing on the cake to remind everybody what the 'Iowa' cycle was like."

When pressed for more details about the new vision for SLIPKNOT, Shawn stated: "I wanna move some new directions. I wanna go some new places. So, I expect that the world can expect some change... but it's still going to be SLIPKNOT."

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