SOCIETY 1's Matt Zane Prepares For World Record-Breaking Video Shoot

September 29, 2002

Just days after inking a worldwide deal with Earache Records, Matt Zane and SOCIETY 1 are preparing to shoot their new video, for the song "Nothing", off the band's upcoming album Exit Through Fear (due out on Earache in early 2003).

Scheduled for Sunday, October 6th in Hollywood, California, the video shoot centers around two human "suspensions". First, Matt Zane himself will attempt his first-ever suspension — pierced through his back with six meathooks, Zane will be suspended vertically in the air for up to 20 minutes while the rest of SOCIETY 1 performs beneath him. Second, professional suspension artist Joey Strange will attempt a world record-breaking suspension, a maneuver never before even attempted in the history of suspension — pierced 14 times, Strange will be suspended in a lotus position while his partner, pierced through her knees, suspends herself from his back and hangs upside down, spinning in circles.

Considering Matt Zane's track record, it comes as no surprise that the new SOCIETY 1 video is slated to contain life-threatening, world record-breaking stunts. From his revolutionary work as an adult film director to his hedonistic antics as frontman for SOCIETY 1, Zane has consistently pushed the boundaries in his quest toward redefining the extreme. The new SOCIETY 1 video is the next chapter in that quest.

Matt Zane made this statement about the video: "There are a lot of bands that sing about pain and suffering but I will show you pain and suffering. No band has ever suffered like I will for this video."

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