SOLUTION .45 Parts Ways With Guitarist, Announces Replacement

May 29, 2010

Guitarist Jani Stefanovic has left SOLUTION .45 and MISERATION for "personal reasons." Jani explained in a statement, "For several years I have been working with many talented musicians and done many albums in a very short period of time.

"Music is my passion, but over the last year or so, I have felt that I want to focus more on quality time with friends and family. I do not intend to quit music, but at this point I feel that I am not ready to commit to these bands as much as would be necessary. I just feel that my personal life is striving for something else than the rest of the guys in SOLUTION .45 and MISERATION.

"There's absolutely no bad blood between us and I do wish both bands great success, 'cause they are really good, with nothing but quality people in them. Us parting ways has consequently nothing to do with musical or personal differences, or anything like that for that matter. I just feel that this is not my place to be right now. I am very satisfied with the result of both the SOLUTION .45 debut album and the latest one from MISERATION and do feel that I can leave with my head held up high."

Added the remaining members of SOLUTION .45: "We want to stress two things:

1) While we are extremely sad to see our brother go, there is no bad blood between Jani and ANY of the SOLUTION .45 or MISERATION members whatsoever. We respect Jani's wishes and so should you. In fact, Jani and the boys will still be found jamming together in THE FEW AGAINST MANY and possibly future outings to come.

2) Both bands will move on, stronger than ever. We are happy to announce Patrik Gardberg of TORCHBEARER, THE FEW AGAINST MANY and AMMOTRACK as SOLUTION .45's new second guitarist. He is by far and away one of the most accomplished (and underrated) guitarists in Sweden. Actually, you can actually hear Patrik's soloing on many songs on [SOLUTION .45's debut album] 'For Aeons Past'. Patrik also gets Jani's nod of approval.

"Additionally, Jani will contribute some music for the next SOLUTION .45 album. We probably won't write that one for a good while, but we thought we'd let you know that Jani will still be a part of the band, being somewhat involved in the process when the time comes. He simply will not be a full-time member. So next time around, Patrik, Tom and Christian, and Jani as well, will all contribute to the writing for SOLUTION .45. "

SOLUTION .45 is the Swedish/Finnish progressive metal "supergroup" which features in its ranks former SCAR SYMMETRY vocalist Christian Älvestam. The band's debut album, "For Aeons Past", was released in Europe on April 9 and in North America on May 11. The CD was recorded at Panic Room studios in with producer Tomas "Plec" Johansson and was made available in Japan through Marquee/Avalon. The album features lyrics written entirely by Mikael Stanne of DARK TRANQUILLITY. The cover artwork was created by Pär Olofsson.

The song "Gravitational Lensing" is available for free download at It can also be streamed below.

SOLUTION .45 is:

Christian Älvestam (SCAR SYMMETRY) - Vocals
Tom Gardiner (HATEFORM) - Guitar
Anders Edlund (ANGEL BLAKE) - Bass

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