SOULFLY Frontman Says The Group's Live Show Contains Plenty Of Diversity

September 8, 2004

In a recent interview with the link textCleveland Free Times, SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera was asked if people who love the diversity of the group's albums are disappointed not to find it during the band's more "straightforward metal" live performances.

"Some of the stuff I play in the albums — they're not even really meant for live session because they're completely out of the rock world, even," explained Cavalera. "They're more like world music-type stuff. I don't really need to play that material live. I have enough material to have a great energetic live show, just as powerful as METALLICA or SLAYER but still exotic. Maybe in the future, I can see some of that being translated, hopefully, to our live situation. But it's not something I can just throw at them. It'd be too much of a culture shock.

"Our concert is an hour and a half of different vibes," he continued. "Sometimes it's really fast. Sometimes it's no guitars; all you hear is drums and percussion. We have a part of the show that is entirely a reggae-flamenco jam session, with Marc [Rizzo] playing flamenco guitars and the rhythm is actually dub reggae rhythm. I can see the faces in the crowd going, 'What the hell is going on here?' But it's all in a really good way. They react really cool about it." Read more.

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