SPARZANZA Interviewed In Helsinki; Video Available

May 1, 2009

Nina Rung of Domination TV conducted an interview with the Swedish metal/rock band SPARZANZA before their April 17, 2009 show at Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland.

SPARZANZA released its fourth CD, "In Voodoo Veritas", in Finland on April 8 via Black Cult/Kabuki Records.

SPARZANZA recently announced the addition of guitarist Magnus Eronen (MOANING WIND, SPACE PROBE TAURUS, CAPRICORN) to the group's ranks. Eronen joined SPARZANZA as the replacement for David Johannesson, who quit the band last year to join MUSTASCH.

The "final cut" of "Methadream", the latest video from SPARZANZA, can be viewed below.

SPARZANZA's third CD, "Banisher of the Light", was released in March 2007 via Black Cult Records. The album included the song "Dead Rising", featuring an appearance by THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving.

Dolving previously worked with SPARZANZA as the group's producer.

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