SPAWN OF POSSESSION: Demo Version Of New Song Posted Online

June 18, 2010

Swedish technical death metallers SPAWN OF POSSESSION have posted a rough pre-production version of a new song on their MySpace page. (Click on top song in player.)

Comments guitarist Jonas Bryssling: "The production is pretty bad and muddy. But the production for a pre-prod is not very important anyway. We record pre-prods so we can work with the arrangements and etc. Since we can't rehearse together, we do this instead."

Regarding the progress of the songwriting sessions for SPAWN OF POSSESSION's next album, Bryssling states, "Eight songs are now complete, so there are four songs left to finish up, and the songwriting process has been quite good lately.

"The new songs are more massive (epic),detailed, faster, melodic, brutal, catchier and energetic than the old ones. And so far we are happy with the result. It sounds really close to the vision I got right after the recording of 'Noctambulant', which was to take everything one step further.

"To me, personally, the third album will be the ultimate SPAWN OF POSSESSION album. Because this time I finally got the time to sit down and write down those visions which has been haunting me for years. This would never have been possible with the old members. They were pretty much exhausted and done after 'Noctambulant'. Can't blame them for that; it was a difficult period with a lot of stress and hard work. I was pretty fucked up myself after being isolated for one year of songwriting and practicing.

"I remember when I told Dennis about my new visions after 'Noctambulant', and how he sighed just to think about the amount of work that it would take to write such an album, to practice and to record it. So I'm very grateful for the new members and their positive approach and energy they have put into for SPAWN OF POSSESSION [and for] making a third album possible.

"We have no dates for the new album yet. It's going slow, I know that. But we have other obligations in life besides SPAWN OF POSSESSION. But we are getting closer and closer now."

SPAWN OF POSSESSION's current lineup:

Vocals - Matthew Chalk (PSYCROPTIC)
Drums - Richard Schill
Guitar - Christian M├╝nzner (OBSCURA, NECROPHAGIST)
Guitar - Jonas Bryssling

SPAWN OF POSSESSION's sophomore album, "Noctambulant", was released in 2006 via Neurotic Records. The CD was recorded at Pama Studios in Kristianopel, Sweden with producer Magnus Sedenberg.

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