SPIRAL ARCHITECT: We Have Not Broken Up!

October 13, 2003

Norwegian progressive metallers SPIRAL ARCHITECT have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We have received lots of mail lately asking if we have broken up or are not going to release a new album. The answer to that is that we are very much alive and will definitely record a new album. However, we still haven't started rehearsing the new material so you'll probably have to wait some more years (you might say we're in no rush...). [Drummer] Asgeir [Mickelson] is building a studio next year and we will be demoing everything there — maybe even use it for the album. Another recurring question is about tabs. We don't have anything ready for you yet but it will be published one day (remember, we're in no rush...). Please know that the tabs available on the Internet made by others have LOTS of errors.

"Other 'news' is that Asgeir has been busy during the summer recording drums for BORKNAGAR, VINTERSORG, TOR HØILAND (ex-MANITOU, HEARTLESS guitarist) and LUNARIS (guest on one song). [Vocalist/keyboardist] Øyvind [Hægeland] is recording bass and vocals on the new LUNARIS album and TOR HØILAND's solo album in between rehearsing and gigging with ARCTURUS. [Bassist/programmer] Lars [K. Norberg] and [lead guitarist] Steinar [Gundersen] are busy headbanging for SATYRICON..."

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