November 11, 2010

On October 14, Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal of Metal Assault recently conducted an interview with Dutch composer/multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen of STAR ONE and AYREON. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

"Victims Of The Modern Age", the new album from Lucassen's STAR ONE project, was released via InsideOut Music in North America on October 25, InsideOut Music/EMI in Germany/Austria/Switzerland on October 29 and in the rest of Europe on November 1.

Lucassen has firmly established himself worldwide as driving force in progressive rock. While best known for his rock opera project AYREON, the multi-talented Dutchman also regularly embarks on musical side projects, which explore different aspects of Lucassen's musical personality. As his previous project (GUILT MACHINE's "On This Perfect Day", 2009) was a relatively relaxed and subtle affair, Lucassen's muses responded by urging him to record something loud, heavy and anything but subtle for this new release. Thus it was a perfect opportunity to launch his musical spacecraft towards the galaxy of bombastic sci-fi rock by revisiting his STAR ONE project.

"Victims Of The Modern Age" is the follow-up to the STAR ONE debut album, "Space Metal" (2002). Compared to "Space Metal", the overall sound of "Victims Of The Modern Age" is darker, heavier, more guitar-oriented, and slightly less "spacey". Arjen has also raised the bar significantly when it comes to the album's sound. "I think it's my best sounding album to date; it's a huge difference compared to the first STAR ONE," he says. "For the guitars I spent weeks experimenting with different amps and settings in every combination imaginable — and it was worth it. The drums sound fantastic, and the vocalists all outdid themselves, putting in even stronger performances than they did the first time around."

With its stellar musicianship, strong melodies, meticulous production and compelling concept, STAR ONE"Victims of the Modern Age" is yet another exciting project from one of rock's great visionaries.

Interview (Audio):

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