STEEL PROPHET Guitarist Comments On DAVID WAYNE's Passing

May 13, 2005

STEEL PROPHET guitarist Steve Kachinsky has issued the following statement regarding the recent passing of original METAL CHURCH singer David Wayne:

"As many of you have probably heard David Wayne passed away [Tuesday, May 10] from complications arising from a car accident he was involved in not long ago. David was the singer on the classic METAL CHURCH debut album as well as many others.

"I had the pleasure to meet David at Silver Cloud Studios in Burbank when he was recording the WAYNE band's album, entitled strangely enough 'Metal Church'. We spoke for a while about metal (he knew some STEEL PROPHET's work),what a great album the first METAL CHURCH was, and strangely enough our cross collections. David didn't have one on at the time, but commented on mine and told me he had lots of them and described a few of them! What I took away from the conversation was that he was very passionate about heavy metal music. I guess I am too. Sometimes I think people take it too seriously, but it's emotional and stirs the senses. When it's good, it's my favorite kind of music, without a doubt.

"Anyway, R.I.P., Mr. Wayne. Along with Guy Speranza, JD Kimball, Paul Baloff, Dave Pritchard, Cliff Burton and others, metal has lost another of its favorite sons."

STEEL PROPHET are currently writing material for their new album — the group's first with new singer Bruce Hall (AGENT STEEL).

"Things are progressing nicely so far," reads a posting on the band's web site. "We have drum and guitar parts for nine songs and guitar parts for three more. Vocal melodies and lyrics are coming along. We hope to have those finished and start recording very soon."

Hall joins STEEL PROPHET following the departure of Nadir D'Priest, who sang on the group's "Beware" CD (2004). D'Priest originally joined STEEL PROPHET as the replacement for Rick Mythiasin, who has since launched a new project, MYTHIASIN.

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