STEPHEN PEARCY: New Solo Single Released Via iTunes

July 5, 2011

RATT singer Stephen Pearcy's new solo single, "Too Much Is Never Enough", has been released via iTunes. The song comes off Pearcy's new solo album, "Sucker Punch", which is tentatively due later in the year.

Pearcy recently told AOL's Noisecreep that he will be "excited" to do another album with the band "at some point." He then added with a laugh, "I just hope it doesn't take another 10 years to get the shit out."

Pearcy said in a March 2011 online posting that RATT will remain inactive for the remainder of 2011 while he pursues other projects, including the release of a new solo album, "Sucker Punch". Pearcy will also release his very own hot sauce line.

"I can't sit around waiting for stuff to happen," Pearcy told Noisecreep. "I like to keep busy. While RATT is on hiatus, I figured I would do all of these other cool projects. RATT has another album on our Roadrunner Records contract so I'm excited to do that at some point."

The friction in the RATT camp was apparently exacerbated by the release of drummer Bobby Blotzer's 2010 book called "Tales Of A Ratt", which contained some harsh words about his bandmates.

"It's a shame that things happened the way they did," Pearcy told Noisecreep. "I love what we did on ["Infestation", the first studio record in 11 years from RATT]. It sold well, doing somewhere in the 150K range. [Editor's note: According to Nielsen SoundScan, "Infestation" has sold around 46,000 copies in the United States since its April 2010 release.] It charted great here and abroad. I was very happy about the album.

"It's too bad Bobby had to say what he said in his book. I think of RATT as our baby and treat it with love. It's sad when you have someone from within the band beating you down, it makes no sense whatsoever. But that's why we're on hiatus and taking care of some business stuff. Once that's done, we could move ahead."

Pearcy recently recorded a new version of RATT's '80s hit "Wanted Man" for "Big John's Rock N Lock", the new show featuring world-famous rock and roll bodyguard "Big" John Murray, celebrity reality star of VH1's "Rock Of Love".

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