STEVEN TYLER Is 'Really Concerned' About JOE PERRY

July 13, 2016

Steven Tyler says that he is "really concerned and worried" that he hasn't gotten any news from his AEROSMITH bandmate Joe Perry, who collapsed onstage and was hospitalized Sunday during a show with HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES.

The AEROSMITH singer tells that he's placed calls to check on the guitarist without any reply. "It's starting to scare me a little bit," Tyler says. "I know they're putting out nothing, but he's recovering, he's really good, he fainted, exhaustion. But I know my brother. He's just about the only other guy that's as passionate about his art as I am. He's always asking me to do three, four [AEROSMITH] shows in a row, and I can't. I'll blow my voice out. I know how to maintain my career, my health, and Joe's passionate. I don't think he knows how to. I think he's out there and someone's overbooking him. They're doing like eight or nine shows in a row, or five in a row. I think they're all a little burnt. I think they may need to look at that. Not young anymore, y'know?" 

Tyler adds that his primary concern is for the well-being of his longtime friend and not for the future of AEROSMITH, which is scheduled to kick off a South American tour on September 29.

"I don't give a shit about the band. I want Joe to live," Tyler says. "I'm really concerned and worried right now that I'm not getting any news. I'm a little bummed out, and that scares me. I don't know whether it's heat prostration or whether he's been working himself too hard or getting off on wrong things passionately. I don't know what it is, but I know that nobody's talking to me. I can only tell you that Joe's my brother and I love him so much."

The exact nature of Perry's illness has not been revealed, although unconfirmed reports suggest the 65-year-old rocker suffered a heart attack.

HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES canceled Monday night's scheduled performance on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert", but played Tuesday (July 12) in Kettering, Ohio. While Perry didn't make the show at the Fraze Pavilion, his bandmates — including Alice Cooper, actor Johnny Depp, ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS bassist Robert DeLeo — set up his amps and other musical equipment to occupy the spot where he usually stood onstage. In addition, they donned buttons with Perry's initials.

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