STEVEN TYLER Presents AEROSMITH 101 At Boston's Berklee College

May 11, 2002

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler spoke to the Berklee College of Music students on Wednesday, May 8th, as part of a class dubbed "AEROSMITH 101", which saw the singer looking back at three decades of history with the band, according to Aero Force One.

Even though Tyler released his first album before most of the Berklee students were born, the vocalist said his spirit remains young. "Don't forget it's a dream. I pretended I was someone else until that someone became me, and that's the beauty of it all," said Tyler. "I'm 54, the band is no spring chicken, we been out forever. You never know when it's going to be over, but I have this passion and I don't care."

In a frank conversation with Berklee professor and musician Livingston Taylor, Tyler talked about forming the band in Boston in 1970, working for peanuts, the musicians' years of serious drug addiction and their eventual road to sobriety. He also discussed the nuts and bolts of keeping a band together three decades, all the while creating music. After talking with students, Tyler then moved to the piano to enchant a new generation of musicians and music lovers, playing some of the band's better known songs.

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