September 16, 2002

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has posted the following update via the group's official web site:

"The [Elements — Part 1] album is ready, mastered and sent to our record companies in Germany, France and in Japan.

"The track list will be provided later, but I can tell you that it contains 62 minutes of music.

"Some of the songs and quite long, for example 'Elements' is 12:01 minutes.

"I am very pleased about how it turned out to be… In fact, when I started writing songs for this project about a year ago, I didn't expect it to grow into something so big that it has become. The whole album sounds very epical and orchestral.

"I am really happy about the sound of the record, since I worked very hard to expand the sounds to the max. I paid attention to every little detail, but I am very proud of the drum sound on this record. It sounds so heavy and clear.

"Now I will take a break of 3 weeks and rest.

"After that there is much work to do in planning the tour, video and promotional activities. I am looking forward to talk to journalists about this album very much! Before that, we have a listening party at Levi, which is in Lapland. That will take place on November 2nd.

"Nuclear Blast [Records] will fly about 30 journalists from all over the world to listen to our new record and party with us. It is rumored that infamous Finnish gonzo journalist, Mr Juho K Juntunen will play Santa Claus there. I am looking forward to that.

"But most of all, I cannot wait to do the tour and play this music for you. So hang in there, little bit more patience… January comes very soon, and Elements Part I will be in your hands!!"

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