STRYPER Frontman Streaming New Solo Song For 9/11

September 11, 2013

"The Cause", a brand new solo song from Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER, can be streamed using the audio player below.

Says Michael: "For one day only (the next 24 hours),I'm posting this streaming, full-length version of a brand new song from my new solo record, due out next year, in honor of today [9/11] and the days ahead. I hope this song inspires you and reminds you of how strong we are as people and that we can overcome any adversity or trial that we are faced with. God bless you, guys, and united we stand for 'The Cause'."

"The Cause" lyrics:

We're lost, we're found - we're free, we're bound
We're high, we're low and in between we're shy - we're bold
We stand, we fall - we move, we stall
We laugh, we cry, but in the end we live - we die


Oh, we have a soul, we have a heart that we can show
We're here for The Cause, bigger then life, this one we know

We sit, we stand - we're small, we're grand
We trust, we fear, one day we're blind then all is clear


Oh, we have a soul, we have a heart that we can show
We're here for The Cause, bigger then life, this one we know

Michael's new solo album will be issued via Big3 Records. Guest musicians set to appear on the CD include CHICKENFOOT drummer Kenny Aronoff, FOZZY singer Chris Jericho, WHITESNAKE guitarist Doug Aldrich; Tony Harnell of TNT, and Michael's brother Robert Sweet and STRYPER's Timothy Gaines.

The 12-song solo record will be accompanied by the STRYPER frontman's autobiography, "Honestly", the writing of which he said was "much more difficult than I could ever imagine yet it's been somewhat therapeutic being able to talk about my life and the past 30+ years of all things STRYPER." He added: "I get into everything and share things that may surprise you. I talk about the dysfunction in this band, the pain and heartache of being so close to each other that we sometimes hurt each other the most, the ups and downs from our highest point (1987-1988) to our lowest point (1991-1992) and why we were driven to bankruptcy and how we climbed our way back from complete loss and despair. I share my personal pain from considering to give up music altogether to the day I broke the news to the guys that I would be leaving the band and why. From that day forward, I had everything a man could ask for and then, in what seemed like an instant, it was all taken away."

"The Cause" audio stream:

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