SUPERJOINT RITUAL Frontman Sacrifices His Health For Metal

August 23, 2003

SUPERJOINT RITUAL frontman Philip Anselmo has posted the following tour report on the band's official web site:

"August 20th - I did my regular thing today with some extremely unimportant variations. Sharing a bed with a beautiful woman is absolutely some sweet perfection. Especially at night. Especially in the morning. Warm skin on skin. That 1st buzz of the day. Nothing quite like it. We watched two different versions of 'Devil Doll'. I ate nothing completely special and ate about fifty vitamins. All for endurance. All for xtra energy. All to kill. I picked up my bed and shit and stretched, did sit ups, push-ups, and curls. I do light weight curls, but do hundreds of reps. I can't lift heavy weights anymore because of my back injury. Not a whole lot of people know much about that. I've got two crushed lower discs with no cartilage left in between them. It's been like that for about eight years. It's like waking up at six in the morning with a spear impaling the lower part of your back. Just above your ass. Numbness running down the back of my left leg. My left foot feels broken in half. Everyday. Every fucking day of my goddamn life. And this particular injury (one of many) is from giving 1000% every fucking show of my life. Well, not every show, but you get the point... The bottle of whiskey has taken the forefront many a night. But I live with a broken back from jamming my fucking ass off since I was 14. I wonder if someone owes me some money somewhere? Oh well, stretching is essential twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening before the show. I read countless true crime/serial killer books. I love the forensic challenge. Zodiac is fun but a bit ridiculous. Arthur Leigh Allen? Are you sure? Ah, fuck it. Stage work is strengthening. Sweating from head to toe is extremely good for you. Gets those toxins out of there. I dig the people. The fans. Oh fuck to hear those screaming lunatics sing every goddamn word, stage dive, pitskanking, bleeding...Jesus Fucking Christ! I envy the energy! Thank you bad asses."

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