SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL Subject Of Upcoming Documentary

May 13, 2008

Freelance documentary producers Mikael Eriksson and Philip Recht are icurrently working on a documentary film about the Sweden Rock Festival. The film will focus on the audience and the artists' views on heavy metal music and the Sweden Rock Festival in particular. Recht and Eriksson have chosen to focus on the festival-goer in his/her everyday life and on the boiling festival grounds. The film's main character is Robert, a 42-year-old regular visitor to the Sweden Rock Festival (SRF). He has attended the festival every year from its inception back in 1992 and has seen it grow from a one-day event to a full-fledged international rock festival with fans from all over the world.

"Our main thought about making this documentary is to give a balanced picture of the festival-goers in both the their everyday life and on the festival," says Philip Recht. "We will follow Robert and other festival-goers to get their thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences and views about heavy metal in general and the Sweden Rock Festival in particular. The documentary will also highlight the artists and the bands view on the festival."

Eriksson and Recht, who are themselves regular visitors to the festival, have long been thinking about how they could make an interesting portrait of the festival-goers. After last year's event, they got together and started planning for this documentary. The result is an independent production with the SRF as a partner.

"We want to give a genuine interpretation of the festival-goer. What is his or hers
everyday life about when they are not at the festival? Is it a must to have long hair and wear a leather jacket to be a true heavy metal fan? What is it that makes people come back year after year to the Sweden Rock Festival? These are some of the questions we want to give an answer to with this documentary," says Mikael Eriksson.

The festival management is looking forward to this documentary with great anticipation.

"This feels exciting and [it will be] fun to see this documentary emerge," says Sweden Rock Festival representative Johannes Lindstrm. "This production separates itself from our previous releases with a more in-depth view of the festival-goers everyday life before, during and after the festival.

This year's Sweden Rock Festival will be held June 4-7 in Slvesborg, Sweden. Among the artists scheduled to appear are JUDAS PRIEST, DEF LEPPARD, POISON, TRIUMPH, WHITESNAKE, BLUE YSTER CULT, DISTURBED and SAXON.

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