TED NUGENT Takes A 'Stand' With Political Song

October 1, 2004

Starting October 1, you can purchase a "limited-edition" track by guitarist Ted Nugent. The longtime Republican does not hold back on his lyrics for "Stand", as evidenced below:

Verse 1: Don't need John Kerry to wipe my ass, don't need Ted Kennedy to spill my glass, Al Not So Sharpton is a horse's ass, redistribution is a fuckin' laugh.

Chorus: I don't need nobody to hold my hand, don't need nobody, I can stand. Make it on my own in a rock 'n' roll band, kiss my American ass I'm a Republican.

Verse 2: Ya say you're friends with Michael Moore. Then you are friends with pimps and whores, The secondnd Amendment ain't about no sport, no right to self-defense in a Kerry court.

Bridge: You don't think I'm taxed enough, well I'm ready to call your bluff. Pimps and whores and welfare brats, too much government way too fat.

More information on how to obtain the track is available here.

(Thanks: ElectricBasement.com)

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