TESTAMENT's Original Drummer LOUIE CLEMENTE Attends Band's Concert On Long Island (Photo)

May 8, 2022

TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick has shared a photo of the band's current touring drummer Dave Lombardo and original TESTAMENT drummer Louie Clemente, taken backstage before the group's May 5 concert at The Paramount in Huntington, New York.

Skolnick wrote in an accompanying message: "FULL CIRCLE (like the shape of a drum): Here's a special backstage highlight, moments before showtime, May 5 @TheParamountNY Lou Clemente - OG drummer of TESTAMENT 1.0, (now happily retired) & Dave Lombardo, drummer of TESTAMENT '22 Huntington, NY".

Clemente was part of TESTAMENT's lineup when a European promoter convinced the remaining "Legacy"-era players to reunite for one show in 2005, which turned into a tour. In 2006, Clemente's arthritis forced him to bow out, and TESTAMENT ultimately recruited ex-SLAYER/FORBIDDEN drummer Paul Bostaph.

In a 2006 interview with Rock My Monkey, TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson stated about Clemente's latest exit from the group: "He started getting some pains in his wrists. This came up last time. Jon Allen filled in for him for some shows we had done in the past. In particular one I can remember was the last one we just did in Italy, Gods Of Metal. And then he said he was all better, and he just kind of… He said he was alright, and at the last minute — I think he got cold feet at the same time. I don't know. I really don't know what the real story. But we're being told that his hands are hurting or something."

Lombardo rejoined TESTAMENT earlier this year as the replacement for Gene Hoglan.

An original member of thrash metal legends SLAYER, Lombardo was the guest drummer on TESTAMENT's 1999 studio album "The Gathering", which also marked the first time the band worked with then-up-and-coming British producer/engineer Andy Sneap.

"The Gathering" was widely considered to be an improvement over 1997's "Demonic", an album that saw singer Chuck Billy employ a more guttural style of vocals and was released at a time when thrash acts as TESTAMENT had fallen out of favor.

Hoglan originally played drums on "Demonic", but didn't stick around long enough to do any touring with the band. He officially joined TESTAMENT in 2011 and played on the group's last three albums: 2012's "Dark Roots Of Earth", 2016's "Brotherhood Of The Snake" and 2020's "Titans Of Creation".

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