THE CROWN Re-Mix New CD, Line Up Box Set Appearance!

December 27, 2001

Sweden's THE CROWN, now featuring former AT THE GATES frontman Tomas Lindberg, have decided to return to the studio to re-mix their upcoming Crowned In Terror CD after the album's original mix was deemed unsatisfactory. According to a statement posted at the group's official web site, “when we got home and listened to [Studio Fredman mix of the album] for the 32798 time, we were not that satisfied with the result. While we recorded the album at Studio Mega we also mixed a song there for a coming Metal Blade comp. CD. And when we compared that mix to the Fredman mix, we figured out that the Studio Mega mix sounds much better. So the obvious thing to do is to mix the whole album again, and this time at Studio Mega.”

The song in question, entitled "Under The Whip", will be included on an upcoming Metal Blade Records box set celebrating the label's 20 years as a business entity, which is tentatively set to be issued sometime next year. Contained in the package will reportedly be a huge booklet containing interviews with bands from yesteryear, as well as artists from the label's current roster. The box set, the exact release date for which is not presently known, will contain no less than nine CDs and one DVD. An MP3 clip of THE CROWN's contribution, “Under The Whip”, can be downloaded from this location. Meanwhile, Crowned In Terror (the cover artwork for which can be viewed here) will now be issued in the USA/Canada on March 12th and in Europe on April 11th.

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