March 18, 2002

THE CULT have not split up and are officially “on a break”, according to THE CULT touring bassist Billy Morrison. In a statement posted at Morrison's official web site, the bassist insists that “[vocalist] Ian [Astbury] and [guitarist] Billy [Duffy] are involved in other things for a few months, and [drummer] Matt [Sorum] also has his solo album coming out. The DVD will be out soon, and possibilities for other releases later on in the year are being discussed. There is not much more to the story than that.”

Morrison, on the other hand, has been working on solo material since the completion of the group's US tour and has reportedly co-written tracks with PITCHSHIFTER frontman JS Clayden and PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC guitarist Brian Harrah for his upcoming debut solo album. Additional collaborations with Jason Slater from SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY are expected to take place in the coming weeks. Morrison is in the process of sorting out new management and publishing deals and has yet to secure a record contract for the above-mentioned album, which is not expected to surface before early 2003. According to Billy, “It's hard work, but a lot of fun. Having my friends around and watching them scream vocals into a mic in my living room is quite entertaining!!”

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