THE HAUNTED Frontman Slams CRADLE OF FILTH As 'Pathetic Losers' Who Write 'Sh.t Music'

December 6, 2005

In an interview with the metal show "Pyro" on Norwegian national radio NRK P3 (web site),which aired November 29, 2005, THE HAUNTED vocalist Peter Dolving went on a full-on attack on CRADLE OF FILTH.

Responding to a question about which band was the most fun to tour with, the Swedish singer stated that it was easier to tell which band was the most boring to tour with: CRADLE OF FILTH. Explaining why, Dolving said: "They are such whores. Everybody from the band, crew, tour-management — they are all cunts. They are my asswipe. CRADLE OF FILTH ain't worth the inside of my large intestine. They are the lowest of the scum. They are lousy musicians, they write shit music, they are swindlers. They fool their audience into buying too expensive t-shirts. They are greedy, they are losers, fucking zeroes, they are pathetic. They are a bunch of phoney fags with colored hair. That's it. Fuck them!"

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