THE HAUNTED Guitarist Talks About The Roots Of The 'Gothenburg' Sound

November 1, 2004

THE HAUNTED founder and guitarist Patrik Jensen recently spoke's Bernard Doe. As part of the lengthy chat on the new Century Media album "rEVOLVEr", Jensen discussed how he balances THE HAUNTED with his other "trad metal' band WITCHERY and how IN FLAMES wanted to "borrow" the now-infamous "Gothernburg sound" from the pre-THE HAUNTED outfit AT THE GATES. Here's part of the interview: How do you separate between the two bands when you are writing new material?

Patrik Jensen: "Well, everyone in WITCHERY has the same tastes in music so it's not like you have to concentrate as much. It's easier writing for WITCHERY because you can lean heavily on your own idols, but in THE HAUNTED not everyone is into MERCYFUL FATE as much as I am, so that is more difficult." Are there any songs on "rEVOLVEr" that were originally written with WITCHERY in mind?

Patrik Jensen: "Yes, 'Burnt To A Shell'. It's more low-key now, that first riff, and a different pace. It's like 'Dark Intentions', off 'The Haunted Made Me Do It' album, which was also originally a WITCHERY song." At which point did you decide that was going to become a song for THE HAUNTED?

Patrik Jensen: "Pretty much as soon as I heard it! I said, I'm sorry guys, but I'm taking this song. Ha! Ha! I think that they are getting tired of hearing me say that!" I understand that the new WITCHERY album is complete?

Patrik Jensen: "Yes, I actually got the mastered CD yesterday." How about track titles?

Patrik Jensen: "So far there's 'Plaguerider', 'Disturbing The Beast', 'Stigmatized', 'Draw Blood', 'War Piece', 'Damned In Hell' and a song called 'The Wait Of Pyramids' which also features Hank Shermann (MERCYFUL FATE, FORCE OF EVIL)." Everyone talks about that "Gothenburg sound." What are your views on that?

Patrik Jensen: "I think it was probably something that was started by Anders Björler [THE HAUNTED guitarist, formerly of AT THE GATES]. Ha! Ha! That was funny, because after they (AT THE GATES) did the 'Slaughter Of The Soul' album (in 1995) the guys from IN FLAMES called Anders up and wanted to borrow his pedals, his amps and his guitar, just so they could get that 'Gothenburg sound'. Ha! Ha! That is so funny. They said 'we want to sound just like you'... but he said no."

Read the full interview here.

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