THE HAUNTED Singer: Expect A 'Meaner' Attitude On New Album

January 5, 2004

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving recently took time out to answer a few questions on the band's official forum. The following are some of his responses pertaining to the progress of the songwriting sessions for the group's new studio album and the band's future plans:

On the new material:

Peter Dolving: "The new songs? Jeez, that's hard. Expect less serial-killing themes, and a meaner attitude all over — more 'song'-songs, less 'riff-o-mania'. I really don't know how to describe it — more live-oriented?"

"These songs we've been working on now have been built in a very old-fashioned rock 'n' roll way of making songs — [someone] comes up with something — someone else picks up on it we jam, discuss, jam some more go home and think about the stuff, then go back and work it 'till it feels cool.

Peter Dolving: "The aim is to make us all puke — and I mean that in a good way..."

On the next album's possible release date:

Peter Dolving: "I have no idea when it'll be released, I don't see it as my job to worry about that kind of stuff — I write and sing."

On upcoming live performances:

Peter Dolving: "Live, as always we'll play old and new stuff. I won't even try to sing in [previous vocalist] Marco [Aro]'s style - I can't sing like him, he's got more of a brutal growling approach. Me, I guess I'm more of the angst-ridden [hardcore]-screamer I always was."

On whether THE HAUNTED is his top priority at the moment:

Peter Dolving: "THE HAUNTED is indeed my No. 1 priority from now on. I will definitely continue releasing albums and tour with the PETER DOLVING BAND, but only in relation to what works with THE HAUNTED schedule."

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