THE OSBOURNES: Second Season To Be Shot In Remote Brit Farmhouse?

April 16, 2002

The following article appeared in today's edition of the New York Post:

April 16, 2002 -- Some members of Ozzy Osbourne's family may be standing in the way of MTV's desire for a second season of its red-hot, reality-based sitcom, The Osbournes.

Negotiations for a second season have been underway virtually since the series premiered March 5 to huge ratings and rave reviews. But there are indications that some of the Osbourne clan - particularly teen sibs Kelly and Jack - are not eager to share their home with MTV camera crews for another five months.

MTV, though, is desperate to begin work on a second-season of the megahit series, even though the current season is only half over. Episode 7 of 13 airs tonight at 10:30.

But the show's runaway success has turned life upside down for the Osbourne family, as tourists crowd the normally quiet street in Beverly Hills where the family lives in a recently refurbished mansion.

Mom Sharon Osbourne, who has been married to heavy-metal superstar Ozzy for 20 years, has complained to Beverly Hills police that tourists are over-running the family's yard.

As a result of the tumult around their home, the Osbournes are dropping hints that a second season will be possible only if MTV agrees to allow the family to film the show at the family's secluded 100-year-old farmhouse in England.

MTV isn't commenting on that idea, even though it was reported in this week's wide-ranging cover story on the Osbournes in Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Nor will MTV say anything about the ongoing negotiations except to confirm that the network would like to see the series continue for a second season.

A spokeswoman would not comment on speculation that some members of the family are against continuing the show.

Indeed, it was just a few weeks ago that the entire family seemed dead set against a second season when they appeared together on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno March 29.

"Now, you think you'll do another season or two of the show? Could you live with the cameras in your house anymore?" asked Leno.

The four Osbournes all answered "No!"

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