THE QUILL Drummer Comments On FIREBIRD Tour!

December 28, 2001

THE QUILL drummer George Atlagic has posted the following thoughts on his recent touring experience as the session skinsman for FIREBIRD (led by former CARCASS/NAPALM DEATH guitarist Bill Steer) via the latter group's unofficial web site at

"The tour was a very interesting experience for me because I hadn't played with any of those guys before. When we rehearsed for the first time, I could feel a really good vibe between the three of us and the tour continued with the same feeling. We had a lot of fun and my favorite show was definitely at the Underworld in London. The audience there was incredible and we did a damn good gig. Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Bristol and Glasgow were also great. I remember the Bristol gig because I lost a snare drum there. Have any of you seen it? Haha! There really weren't any boring shows. All of them were great but the ones I mentioned had something special. In St. Albans we only ended up playing 20 minutes since a huge fight started and they had to stop the show. Some crazy people out there...haha!

“I think Bill is one of the most down-to-earth guys I ever met. I mean he's been a pro musician since age 17 and he's been touring all over the planet with his x-band (I don't think I have to mention the name of the band(s)). As a human being, he's really caring and a great friend, if I buy him one drink he'll pay me back with at least the double. Haha! His patience when we rehearsed was unbelievable, we just threw ourselves into a tour within a couple of days from when we first met. If I were Bill I would have been extremely nervous, but he wasn't (at least he didn't show it). Whenever we had a day off we had really fun together in London drink beer, shopping our asses off and watching a couple of other bands. But somehow we always ended up at a pub somewhere...haha."

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