THE RASMUS Teams Up With APOCALYPTICA For 'Stranger Things'-Inspired Video For 'Venomous Moon'

September 3, 2021

Finnish rockers THE RASMUS have collaborated with APOCALYPTICA on a new song called "Venomous Moon". The track is the second single from THE RASMUS's upcoming album, recorded during the pandemic, with the bandmembers being stranded in Hawaii, Helsinki and Sydney and with the producer Joshua in England. It is co-produced by Martin Hansen who has worked with THE RASMUS on four albums, including their breakthrough single "In The Shadows". The members of APOCALYPTICA, who had also worked with Hansen before, contribute their trademark intense cello riffs to the track. THE RASMUS's singer Lauri Ylönen and APOCALYPTICA previously joined forces on the songs "Bittersweet" and "Life Burns".

Says Ylönen: "'Venomous Moon' is about isolation and being separated from the world, but I wrote it before the virus came along. I must have caught a glimpse of the future, which then added a whole new layer of melancholy to the song."

The "Venomous Moon" music video, which can be seen below, was directed by Vertti Virkajärvi and produced by No Office. THE RASMUS and APOCALYPTICA both perform in the video, which is inspired by the "Stranger Things" TV series and features spooky creatures stemming from the same deep forests as the Groke in the Moomin stories.

THE RASMUS was formed in 1995 while the members were still in high school. Their debut, "Peep", rapidly went gold in their homeland Finland, making the members rock stars at the age of 16. The follow-up, "Playboys", also went gold and earned the group an Emma, Finland's version of a Grammy. Their third album, "Hell Of A Tester", included "Liquid", a track that was voted "Best Single Of The Year" by Finland's music critics. 2001's "Into" album went double platinum in their native country, with its debut single, "F-F-F-Falling", hitting the top of the charts. An international audience started to build, and the band toured throughout Europe. Their fifth album, "Dead Letters", released in 2003, became the band's biggest breakthrough yet, due in large part to the success of the single "In The Shadows". 2005's "Hide From The Sun" went platinum in Finland. Their fourth Finnish chart-topper, "Black Roses", was released in 2008, produced by Desmond Child. After the release of compilation "Best Of The Rasmus: 2001-2009" and a 2011 solo LP from Lauri Ylönen titled "New World", THE RASMUS released its self-titled eighth album, "The Rasmus", in 2012. The band returned in 2017 with the album "Dark Matters". THE RASMUS is still one Europe's most in-demand rock acts. They have toured Scandinavia many times as well as Central Europe, Asia, Japan, Canada, USA and South America.


Lauri Ylönen - vocals
Eero Heinonen - bass
Pauli Rantasalmi - guitars
Aki Hakala - drums

Photo credit: Venla Shalin

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