THE RING: Live Video Clips, Photos Posted Online

October 19, 2004

THE RING, the Swedish band featuring former HUMANIMAL/GREAT KING RAT guitarist Pontus Norgren and ex-JEKYLL & HYDE frontman Jakob Samuel, have uploaded several video clips and pictures from their headlining performance at O-baren in Stockholm on October 6. Check them out at this location.

In other news, THE RING have announced their touring lineup for upcoming shows. It is as follows:

Jakob Samuel (ex-JEKYLL & HYDE) - Vocals
Pontus Norgren (ex-HUMANIMAL/GREAT KING RAT) – Guitars
Marcus Jidell (ex-JEKYLL & HYDE) – Guitar
Johan Dereborn - Bass
Federico De Costa - Drums

THE RING's debut album, "Tales From Midgard", was recently released through Italy's Scarlet Records.

The first part of a trilogy based on the fantastic story of Tolkien's first part of "Lord of the Rings", "Tales From Midgard" features "magnificent" cover artwork by JP Fournier (EDGUY, AVANTASIA, IMMORTAL, DRAGONFORCE).

According to an official press release, "the members of THE RING set out to interpret the great trilogy with their songs and vision, producing and mixing the whole work themselves. With a sense of Dio-era-SABBATH soundscape epic, and their own inherent gift for melody, THE RING have created a soundtrack for the imagination that is fired by a reading of Tolkien's work on long winter nights, when the fires crackle and stories are summoned for the telling. When Elder days are close once more, and there is a whisper of magic on the air, when one dares to believe."

A full-length MP3 of the track "In the Beginning" is available for download at this location.

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