THE UNDIVINE: More 'Delusional Noise' Studio Footage Posted Online

May 2, 2012

The second in a series of webisodes featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of "Delusional Noise", the sophomore album from Finnish death/thrash metallers THE UNDIVINE, can be seen below. The CD will be released on May 18 via Inverse Records.

According to a press release, "Delusional Noise" is "a theme album about insanity divided into two brain blocks. The left cortex titled Secretary Of Lunacy deals with the outcome resulting from substances, fear and paranoia. The right cortex titled Strength, Hope And Fall deals with so called 'mechanical keys' used to open the gate to oblivion. The end not necessarily meaning death, but an end of an episode or some kind of change. The central character from both stories are indeed insane, but don't see themselves that way. Instead they see themselves as the solution for their problems, whatever they are."

"Delusional Noise" track listing:

Left Cortex - Secretary of Lunacy

01. Columbian Tie
02. Satellite Monarchy
03. 'Til Dreads Come Home
04. Seduction

Right Cortex - Strength, Hope and Fall

05. Landmine Marathon
06. The Walker Experience
07. One Step to Parabellum
08. Balisong Flip

09. Delusional Noise


Henri Harberg - Vocals
Iiro Illman - Guitar
Juha Pakalén - Guitar
Ville Riihelä - Bass
Rainer Tuomikanto - Drums (session)

Webisode 2:

Webisode 1:

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