THERION: 'Celebrators Of Becoming' DVD/CD Details Revealed

March 24, 2006

Sweden's THERION will be issuing a six-disc DVD/CD set, entitled "Celebrators of Becoming", on May 5. The package will include four DVDs and two audio discs. It will be available in two versions, one luxury digipak version in a slip case and one cheaper version, but both will contain all discs. The idea is that both should have a very reasonable price and be affordable for all fans. The complete track listing for the set is as follows:

Disc I: Live in Mexico City:

01. Blood Of Kingu
02. Uthark Runa
03. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
04. Asgård
05. Son Of The Sun
06. Invocation Of Naamah
07. Typhon
08. Draconian Trilogy
09. Flesh Of The Gods
10. Schwarzalbenheim
11. Ginnungagap
12. In Remembrance
13. Wild Hunt
14. The Invincible
15. Melez
16. Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
17. The Khlysti Evangelist
18. Siren Of The Woods
19. Quetzalcoatl
20. Wine Of Aluqah
21. Cults Of The Shadow
22. To Mega Therion
23. Iron Fist

Disc II: Tour Report 2004-2005:

Contains a soundcheck, an improvised soprano a' capella and an improvised drum solo, backstage footage, the possibility to follow the band during several activities, a day in Bolivia + over 30 songs recorded in 16 countries in Europe, North America, Suth America and Asia. Among those songs are: the Russian National Anthem, "I Wanna Be Somebody", "Black Funeral", "Black Sun", "Crowning Of Atlantis", "Iron Fist" (with special guests TRISTANIA and TRAIL OF TEARS),"Caffeine" (TRAIL OF TEARS + THERION as special guests on stage) and much more.

Disc III: Various stuff:

Live At Wacken 2001:

01. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
02. The Invocation Of Naamah
03. Cults Of The Shadow
04. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
05. In The Desert Of Set
06. Te Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
07. Wine Of Aluqah
08. To Mega Therion

Video Clip Section:

01. Pandemonic Outbreak (1992)
02. A Black Rose (1993)
03. The Beauty In Black (1995)
04. To Mega Therion (1996)
05. In The Desert Of Set (1997)
06. Birth Of Venus Illegitima (1998)
07. Summernight City (2001)

This disc also contains the art film "The Golden Embrace", studio reports from the recordings of "Lemuria" and "Sirius B" + more.

Disc IV: Historical Journey 1989-2001:

01. Paroxysmal Holocaust
02. Asphyxiate With Fear
03. Dark Eternity
04. The Return
05. Pandemonic Outbreak
06. Enter The Dephts Of Eternal Darkness
07. Dawn Of Perishness
08. Baal Reginon
09. Wings Of The Hydra
11. Melez
12. Symphony Of The Dead
13. A Black Rose
14. Dark Princess Naamah
15. Let The New Day Begin
16. Dawn Of Perishness
17. Black
18. Cults Of The Shadow
19. To Mega Therion
20. Under Jolly Roger
21. Black Sun
22. Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
23. Enter Vril-Ya
24. Behind The Scenes
25. Riders Of Theli
26. Theniemannbrothersjam
27. To Mega Therion
28. Wings Of The Hydra
29. Behind The Scenes
30. Seawinds
31. Secret Of Ther Unes
32. Summernight City
33. The Beauty In Black
34. Behind The Scenes

Discs V + VI: The audio from the Mexico City show

(Thanks: Brett)

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