March 10, 2010

Vocalist Damian Wilson of U.K. progressive metallers THRESHOLD will perform live on the legendary Barry James show on Radio Caroline this Friday, March 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. GMT. You can listen on Freesat channel 0199 or online at

THRESHOLD's original fan club album, "Decadent", is beingmade available for download this month. The 1999 collection of rarities has been out of print for a while, but for the first time "Decadent" will now be released digitally due to popular demand.

Described as "a future rarity and a must-have for the fans" by Through Different Eyes upon its original release, "Decadent" was very much a transitional release for THRESHOLD. "The idea came after we had been experimenting with some remixes of old tracks and rarities" commented Karl Groom, who had been working on the recordings for a more modern sound. But although a number of the tracks have since been remixed for releases such as "Psychedelicatessen (Special Edition)" and the "Paradox Singles Collection" box set, "Decadent" still holds its own in the threshold catalogue. Featuring remixes of the band's early classics "Intervention" and "Mother Earth" alongside radically different versions of "Paradox" and "He Is I Am", "Decadent" has become a much sought-after rarity on auction sites such as eBay.

THRESHOLD released the collection on its own label in 1999. "We could not have foreseen what it would lead to", said Groom, as THRESHOLD proceeded to release a number of "direct-to-fan" albums through its own label over the years that followed. "'Decadent' set the tone for making each direct-to-fan release the highest possible quality," added Groom.

The track listing for "Decadent" is as follows:

01. Virtual Isolation (Radio Edit)
02. Intervention (1999 Remix)
03. Sunseeker (Radio Edit)
04. Voyager II (Urban Version)
05. Devoted (Fan Club Remix)
06. Change (Unplugged)
07. Mother Earth (1999 Remix)
08. Exposed (Radio Edit)
09. Lost (Japanese Release)
10. Into The Light (1999 Remix)
11. Paradox (Club Mix)
12. He Is I Am (Drum & Bass Version)

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