July 14, 2002

British hard rockers THUNDER will reunite for a series of shows in November to be held under the Monsters Of Rock banner, vocalist Danny Bowes has confirmed via on online posting.

"Oh dear....It appears the moggy has slipped well and truly out of the bag, despite my best efforts to keep it in," Bowes wrote. "We wanted to let the news of the BOWES AND MORLEY [Bowes' collaboration with ex-THUNDER guitarist Luke Morley] shows get out there for a while first, but it appears someone has got a bit excited. It is true that THUNDER will be reforming to play the Monsters Of Rock shows in November, and the story goes thus: I had the idea a while back to put on a Donington-type event in arenas and took it to Clearchannel (the promoters of Donington). They agreed it would be a marvelous thing, and asked if THUNDER would be prepared to reform to play. I explained it was only my intention to become involved in the event in a business sense, and not for THUNDER to play. Being the shrewd and insistent business men they are, Clearchannel made a very strong case for a THUNDER reformation (if you know what I mean),so I took it to the band and an after a bit of debate (.5 minutes) we decided it would be good to do it, as it gives us the ability to play again without having to commit to anything long-term.

"As you know all members of THUNDER are happily involved in other things, so we wanted this to be a non permanent reformation, handled delicately so as not to give the wrong impression.

"I'd decided to attend to it on my return from the BOWES AND MORLEY Japanese shows today, but I've barely got off the plane to discover someone has prematurely ejaculated our news, so I've not had a chance to prepare myself for the onslaught. So far I've had several dozen requests for confirmation, quotes, offers to make a new record, radio interviews etc. etc., and I'm jet-lagged to death.... Oh, cruel fate! Suffice to say, right now I'm only prepared to confirm we'll be there (I didn't even know the dates were confirmed),and nothing more until I find out who did this and rip out his or her vital organs.....Vital surgery performed, I shall be considering all offers for everything, in the meantime I need to go to bed...."

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