TOM MORELLO: I'm Mad About Leaked CORNELL/RAGE Recordings

July 16, 2002

Ex-RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello has broken his silence about the leaked demo recordings of the unnamed project featuring Morello, former RATM bandmates Tim Commerford (bass) and Brad Wilk (drums),and ex-SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell, which are widely available on the Internet and through various file-sharing applications. Asked to reveal his feelings about the fact that the tapes were prematurely circulated without the band's consent, Morello told Metal Sludge that "I'm mad [about it]. So mad. Some jackass intern at Bad Animal Studios in Seattle stole some demos and put them on the internet without the band's permission. I'm so mad. They sound nothing like the record, and I can't wait for people to hear the real thing."

Morello was less forthcoming about the status of Cornell in the group following the singer's much-publicized departure from the project earlier in the year. When asked the question "Where does Chris currently stand in the band?", the guitarist jokingly replied, "He stands in the middle, facing the microphone."

To read Morello's "20 Questions" on Metal Sludge, click here.

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