TOMMY LEE Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Should He Have Hired A Lifeguard?

December 10, 2002


Rocker Tommy Lee made a frantic and frightened call to 911 the day a four-year-old boy drowned in his swimming pool. It was supposed to be a happy occasion: a birthday swim party for Tommy Lee's son. According to court documents, the victim, Daniel Karven-Veres, was a poor swimmer. And even though he showed up in the care of a male nanny, he got in trouble in the water.

Now Daniel's parents are suing claiming, among other things, that he drowned because there was no "hired professional lifeguard" on hand and no one "trained in cardio pulmonary resuscitation." Lee's attorneys insist he did nothing wrong and everything reasonable to prevent such a tragedy.

Should Tommy Lee have hired a lifeguard? You Be the Judge. Los Angeles Family Law attorney Stephanie Blum argues yes, Tommy Lee should have hired a lifeguard. Movie studio lawyer Barry Littman has agreed to argue that no lifeguard was required.

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