TONY FRANKLIN Unveils "Secret" Project

January 25, 2002

Bassist extraordinaire Tony Franklin (i.e. DAVID COVERDALE, BLUE MURDER) has shed light on his much-rumored “secret” project which he has been hinting at but not offered any concrete information about in his previous postings on his official web site. Until now, that is. According to Franklin, “the 'Secret Project' is now out in the open! I can tell you that I was one of the Musical Directors of a new product from Line 6 called GuitarPort... and without going into too much detail, I was responsible for creating a ton of music for this very exciting new product. Most of the music was faithful recreations of classic tunes. I played bass of course (and some guitars and keyboards!) and also co-ordinated the recordings, the studios, the musicians, and operated Pro Tools! We went to Abbey Road Studios (Studio 2 - the BEATLES Room!) to record Jason Bonham playing 10 LED ZEP tunes - it was So-o-o-o cool!! Simon Phillips played drums on THE WHO, JEFF BECK, PINK FLOYD [songs] and others. Kelly Keeling sang THE WHO stuff, and did an amazing job! Kelly was actually involved in a lot of these tunes. I also worked with a talented singer called Scott Kail, who was in a band called WONDERLAND. He's an incredible talent... he did the ZEP stuff, CLAPTON, STONES, and more. I'm actually having him sing on my album, so you'll be hearing a lot more about Scott Kail! Other players I worked with on the GuitarPort are, Gregg Bissonette, Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Lee Sklar, Derek Sherinian and others.” For more info on the GuitarPort project, go to this location.

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