TOOL Guitarist Contemplating Collaboration With KING CRIMSON Founder

February 5, 2010

According to The Pulse of Radio, TOOL guitarist Adam Jones met with KING CRIMSON founder and guitar player Robert Fripp last month in London to discuss reactivating a collaborative album the pair began working on several years ago. Fripp revealed the news about the meeting in a post at his online diary, writing, "A fabbo lunch with Adam covering a wide range of common interests & experiencing, among which: the possibilities of continuing our album, begun in Los Angeles some 5-6 years ago; and go out speaking together."

The possibility of Jones and Fripp working together leads to the question of what — if anything — is going on with TOOL itself. Frontman Maynard James Keenan is busy with his own side project, PUSCIFER, and also has a documentary about his vineyards coming out later this month. There has been little word on a follow-up to TOOL's last effort, 2006's "10,000 Days".

Keenan admitted in a recent interview that he gets restless at tool's slower pace of doing things. "I can't sit still, so when those guys hesitate, it takes us so long to do stuff, and it's like a snake eating its own tail situation, 'cause then I get distracted and I go off and do a thing, and then I get blamed for not being around to do the (TOOL) thing," he said. "But nothing was getting done when I was standing there, so I got bored and left. It's just an endless cycle."

PUSCIFER will begin its first full-length East Coast tour on March 2 in Atlanta, with dates booked through early April.

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