TRIBULATION Working On New Album

May 31, 2017

With the release of "The Children Of The Night" in 2015, Sweden’s TRIBULATION left a permanent mark on the metal scene worldwide. After excessive touring in North America and Europe TRIBULATION took a well-deserved break not only to recover from the intense album campaign, but also to focus on what lies ahead: a new album and a change of drummer.

TRIBULATION recently parted ways with Jakob Ljungberg, who had been with the group since the album "The Formulas Of Death". The band said in a statement: "As the summer in the year of their lord 2017 draws near and the world in the north is again fully starting to wake from its slumber, we, on the other hand, are forced to face an inevitable end in the departure of our drummer Jakob Ljungberg who has decided to leave the band.

"We have spent the last five years together through pain to heaven, in chaos to bliss! It's been such a strange, wonderful, tiring and inspiring time and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this time the most important in the history of the band. We surely couldn't have done it without you. We were like brothers even before the time of TRIBULATION and we certainly will be in the time after! Make sure to check out Jakob's unique and most excellent band SECOND SUN where he sings and plays guitar!"

But as every end is also a new beginning, TRIBULATION has secured a new drummer in the form of Oscar Leander (ex-DEATHSTARS) and has further good news to spread. "After this period of silence, renewal and contemplation the time has now come to give you the new TRIBULATION!" the band said. "We have now fully immersed ourselves in the making of a new album that will be recorded at summer's end. We are very pleased to announce that Oscar Leander is our new drummer. He will make his first appearance with us on Muskelrock now on Thursday, June 1st! Are you ready? We are!"


Adam Zaars - Guitar
Johannes Andersson - Vocals, Bass
Oscar Leander - Drums
Jonathan Hultén - Guitar

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