TRIVIUM Bassist On Touring With SLAYER

November 24, 2008

UK's Waterfront Online recently conducted an interview with bassist Paolo Gregoletto of the Florida metallers TRIVIUM. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Waterfront Online: How's the Unholy Alliance Tour going so far?

Paolo: It's been awesome. We're winding down the UK leg of the tour now and then we'll be heading off to Europe soon with SLAYER which should be pretty intense. All the shows have been great so far and I'm looking forward to how intense Europe is gonna be but the UK has been a particular highlight so far. The UK always has the best shows. We haven't really had any SLAYER chants probably since we're co-headlining. We were much more worried about IRON MAIDEN as we'd heard some horror stories but we just went out and played with such intensity, aggression and we just gave the audience a good time to win them over. I think if you go out there and you're clearly intimidated, you'll fall. You've really gotta give it your all or lose out.

Waterfront Online: Your new album "Shogun" brilliantly mixes the aggression of "Ascendency" with the stunning song structure of "The Crusade". Was it hard to meld those two aspects together or did it come about naturally?

Paolo: It came about very naturally as we never sat down and planned to include those two elements, we were just very engaged to write in a certain way. The songs and their structure just seemed to come together in a very cohesive way. I think you should never deliberately plan to follow a strict set pattern as it never works and it's always very obvious on the record.

Waterfront Online: Do you sometimes feel any pressure being at the front of the new wave of metal, the standard of success for all new metal acts?

Paolo: I wouldn't say we feel much pressure as I feel we still have so far to go in comparison say to IRON MAIDEN. I mean we still have so many countries and places left to conquer. I also feel like we still have yet to fully conquer the UK yet.

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