TYPE O NEGATIVE Singer Says He Is 'Proud' Of Germany And France For Staying Out Of War In Iraq

April 23, 2003

Unlike most of his American counterparts, TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter Steele supports Germany and France's decision to stay out of the war in Iraq and believes that the U.S. has no business playing the role of the world's policeman in the current Middle East conflict.

Speaking to the Dutch online magazine Pitfather, Steele said, "I am very proud of Germany and France for staying out of the war in Iraq. Even like more fascinating is that it is the first time in many years that Germany and France agree so much! I think it has something to do to their economy. But to get back at the war in Iraq, I do not think the USA should be there and I do not understand why the USA feels that it has to be the world's police department. That is why the World Trade Center came down, because we support Israel. Say that back home and people say anti-Semite! Just because I do not agree with the Israeli government does not mean I do not like Jewish people. The one has got nothing to do with the other. My point is that when we stick our noses in world business then the World Trade Center is coming down. I found it interesting why we do not walk into Cuba or North Korea. It is because of the oil, that is all. I always think who the fuck are we to go into these middle Eastern countries and go like: we have to save you from yourselves. All the people in Iraq are happy now but it is the same thing that happened when the Germans marched into the Ukraine 63 years ago. First they were happy because they hated the Russians. But a year later they were all dead or prisoners or something. Let's see how the Iraqi people feel in a year because they will live then in an occupied country. The Americans will not leave."

(Thanks: Pitfather)

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