January 27, 2015

Metal Wani's Owais "Vitek" Nabi recently conducted an interview with former ACCEPT and current U.D.O. singer Udo Dirkschneider. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

On ACCEPT's latest album, "Blind Rage", the third ACCEPT CD to feature vocalist Mark Tornillo:

Udo: "I only know two songs of the new album. Yeah, they're doing quite well. So, I mean, what can I say? I mean, but ACCEPT is so far away from me. It's like a band for me now… like MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON or whatever, you know. It's, like, okay, there's a band called ACCEPT in this business, and that's it for me. We don't talk to each other. Okay, I wish them always good luck. But I have my own thing. U.D.O., after 15 albums, we're doing quite well. And when people ask me, 'Is there maybe a chance to do a reunion?' I say, 'No reunion.' I mean, why? I'm successful with U.D.O. [So] there's no reason to do this."

On the previous ACCEPT albums, "Blood Of The Nations" and "Stalingrad", both of which featured Tornillo on vocals:

Udo: "I only one song of 'Blood Of The Nations'. 'Teutonic Terror', it's called. And I know from 'Stalingrad' only the song 'Stalingrad'. That's it. Believe me, I don't listen to this ACCEPT music. I don't want to listen to that. There's a reason why I don't wanna listen to that."

On ACCEPT's recent split with guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann:

Udo: "Let's say they have not left the band. They were fired. I know that exactly. I'm very good friends with Herman Frank."

U.D.O.'s new studio album, "Decadent", was released in Europe on January 26 via AFM.

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